Web Design DeCal
A 2-unit course for anyone who wants to create a beautiful website.
Week 1
Introduction to Web Design
HTML & the Structure of Websites
Week 2
Visual Hierarchy & Spacing
CSS Selectors & Visual Rules
Week 3
CSS Box Model / Intro to Layouts
Week 4
Color Theory
CSS Display & Positioning
Week 5
Grids & Columns, Images & Layouts
CSS Flexbox
Week 6
Responsive Design
Responsive Layouts
Week 7
Motion, Flow & Aesthetics
CSS Animations
Week 8
Intro to HCD
Intro to JavaScript
Week 9
Dark Design
JavaScript .getElementById
Week 10
Event Handlers & Conditionals
Week 11
Finding Inspiration / Building a Portfolio
Arrays, Loops & Libraries
Week 12
Design Careers
Frontend in the Industry
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Build a website from the ground up.

The demand for learning web programming is at an all-time high, yet for most it's a question of "where do I start?" The answer is here. As great as online courses are, nothing beats an in-person class with passionate instructors and compelling assignments. No matter what your major is, by the end of the semester, you will have built a website using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Along the way, you'll pick up web design philosophies and be able to recreate modern design trends like responsive design, flat UI, and skeuomorphism.

Note that this course covers web design only -- we will not cover server-side programming like Django and PHP. That said, we consider this far more than a DeCal. Every detail from assignments to each word spoken in lecture is carefully chosen to provide the best possible learning experience. We can't wait to see you in the classroom.

2 Units
2.5 hrs

Each lecture is split into two sections. Design section encourages you to challenge every design decision you've ever seen on webpages. We also love to discuss what makes well-designed sites on Siteinspire (www.siteinspire.com) so fascinating to interact with.

About half of design section is devoted to learning the topic of the day. You'll be amazed how positioning, spacing, and a pinch of Javascript magic can make a plain page gorgeous. Our brilliant Teaching Staff finish each section by guiding the class through an awesome hands-on activity.


Programming section is all about rolling up your sleeves and diving into the source code. Get ready to have your mind blown as you finally learn how those crazy 3D transforms happen, or how to make those fullscreen slideshow backgrounds. You'll also fall in love with Google Chrome's Web Inspector, the greatest development tool in history, ever.

Our beloved Teaching Staff do a more code-based hands-on activity to finish off programming section. It's typically awesome, because our Teaching Staff are likewise awesome.

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Midterm Project Presentation
Final Project Presentation
Teaching Staff
This class seeks to empower you with:
the confidence to code
the confidence to design
and altogether - the confidence to create.
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