Learn to build a beautiful website from the ground up. Here are some exemplary samples of student work from WDD.
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Spring 2019
Music Collection
By: Keith Pacana
Personal Portfolio
By: Chibuzor Obiorah
Distinctive Feature Sorter
By: Cynthia Zhong
Memoirs of an Asian Dad
By: Kayla Maulino
Fall 2018
Photo Portfolio
By: Steven Singorahardjo
House Plants
By: Minjung Kim
By: Divi Schmidt
Personal Profile
By: Manan Khattar
Spring 2018
From Garden to Pantry
By: George Geng
Jaden Smith Irony
By: Michelle Tran
By: Annie Zheng
David Fang
By: David Fang
Fall 2017
The Life of Shirley
By: Shirley Liu
Shibas of Instagram
By: Brandon Chow
Mark Unger
By: Mark Unger
Spring 2017
By: Johann Banta
Caydie Tran
By: Caydie Tran
By: Jeffrey Liu
Fall 2016
Hong Kong Style Cafe
By: Chloe Ng
The Bubble
By: Johannah Perez
Explore San Francisco
By: Heather Chen
Varna Vasudevan
By: Varna Vasudevan
Spring 2016
Photography Portfolio
By: Francis Zheng
Climate Change
By: Stephanie Tang
How to Shoot Grads
By: Andie Biggs
By: Tina Xu
Fall 2015
Save the Date
By: Crystal Guo
Food for Thought
By: Ellen Hong
Jessica Ji
By: Jessica Ji
s l ĘŚ g z
By: David Xie
Spring 2015
By: Lily Ngyuen
By: Regina Ongowarsito
Ricky Holtz
By: Ricky Holtz
Fall 2014
By: Andrea Ikeda
Landing Page
By: Eric Liang
Shawn D'Souza
By: Shawn D'Souza